Best British Shoe Brands

From the iconic Dr. Martens boots to the classic Clarks shoes, British shoe companies have been leading the way in style for a very long time. At Legend Footwear, we really admire the amazing skills and new ideas that come from shoemakers in the UK.

Let us take you on a tour of some of the best British shoe brands that have stood the test of time.

Dr. Martens - The Rebellious Icon

When it comes to British shoe royalty, Doc Martens are undoubtedly the crown jewel. Their boots have been a symbol of counterculture since the 1960s, worn by everyone from punk rockers to high-fashion trendsetters. The brand's iconic 1460 ankle boot, with its signature yellow stitching and grooved sole, has been a cultural icon for over 60 years.

Why Dr. Martens Rule the Roost

Dr. Martens boots are made with premium materials like durable leather and feature the brand's signature yellow stitching and grooved sole. The air-cushioned sole provides unbeatable comfort, while the tough construction ensures these boots will last for years. Longevity aside, Dr. Martens has also been working on sustainable manufacturing practices.

Dr. Martens has been adopting more sustainable and traceable materials without compromising on quality, as they move towards a regenerative and circular product lifecycle. They have developed a framework called the "DRP Sustainable Materials Criteria" to evaluate if materials are Durable, Recycled, Renewable and/or Regenerative, and Produced responsibly. This guides their efforts to meet sustainability targets.

If you are a big fan of Doc Martens, like we are, and want to explore more about their leather and materials, then read our full blog on types of Dr Martens Leather. You can also shop from our curated Dr Martens collection.

Hunter - Masters of Weatherproofing

Founded in 1856, Hunter boots have been keeping the nation dry through rain, sleet, and snow for generations. Made from waterproof rubber, their Hunter Original Tall Boot, is the “Original” classic. Whether you're at a muddy festival or walking around a rainy city, Hunter wellies will keep your feet dry in true British style.

Why Hunter Reigns Supreme

Hunter’s supremacy in rainboots starts right from their material. They use vulcanized natural rubber to create a boot that is both durable and flexible, i.e. they are 100% waterproof and are built to withstand the worst of British rains.

Hunter now also provides apparel to go with your rain boots, however their Original Tall Boot retains its popularity for good reason. A firm favourite of the British Royal family for decades, Hunter wellies are now synonyms with rainboots.

To reduce the adverse impact on the environment, Hunter uses recycled polyester in their manufacturing process. So, you can rest well knowing your wellies keep your feet dry while also being kind to the planet.

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Clarks Originals - Timeless British Design

Clarks has been a household name in Britain for over 200 years, and for good reason. Clarks, their main line, offers a wide range of styles for every occasion. Clarks Originals focuses on timeless designs that never go out of style, right from their first product, the legendary Desert Boot. Designed by Nathan Clark in 1949, this suede ankle boot features a crepe sole that molds to your foot for unbeatable comfort. Clarks Originals are the kind of shoes you can wear for years, and they'll only look better with age. It's no wonder they're a staple in every stylish Brit's wardrobe.

Why Clarks Originals is the Best

Clarks Originals prioritize classic design and quality craftsmanship. The brand has been making shoes in Britain since 1825, and their commitment to traditional techniques is visible in the comfort and durability of their products. But Clarks isn't just resting on their laurels - they're also committed to being more eco-friendly.

They have taken certain steps to improve the sustainability of their operations and products. Clarks is a member of the Leather Working Group, an organization that promotes responsible leather sourcing and production methods.

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Loake - A Legacy of Craftsmanship

This Northampton-based shoe brand has been crafting high-quality footwear since 1880, using traditional Goodyear welted construction. This technique involves stitching the upper to the sole, which creates a durable and flexible shoe that can be resoled time and time again.

Loake offers a range of classic styles, from brogues to Chelsea boots, all made with the finest materials and attention to detail. These are the kind of shoes your grandad would approve of – and that's a compliment.

What sets Loake Apart

Quality, tradition, and attention to detail are what set Loake apart. Their commitment to using only the finest leathers and dedication to traditional shoemaking techniques ensure each pair of Loake is like stepping back in time. Plus, with their Goodyear welted construction, you can resole them time and time again, ensuring they'll be with you every step of the way.

Another step towards a sustainable future from Loake, is the use of environmentally friendly materials like vegetable-tanned leathers. Loake is also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, which promotes fair labor practices and safe working conditions.

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At Legend Footwear, we understand the value of investing in high-quality shoes made with care and craftsmanship. That's why we're proud to offer a carefully curated selection of the best shoe brands on the market. We're committed to providing our customers with the very best. We source our shoes from brands that share our values of quality, comfort, and style. Whether you're looking for a pair of classic brogues or a statement-making pair of boots, we've got you covered.